Media literacy

It is beyond doubt that the development of media and the media society require fundamental knowledge and skills in dealing with them. “Media literacy” however, is more than merely “being able to use a computer”. Media literacy is principally a communicative skill, and as such it is a bundle made up of basic, structural, orientation and application knowledge, and in addition to that always has to contain a social and ethical element.

In this sense, the Federal Chancellery promotes measures and initiatives to convey this media literacy, so that young people are able to learn how to deal with media consciously and critically.

The Media-Youth-Info Centre (short: MJI) is a service unit of the Austrian Federal Chancellery. It is the ambition of the MJI to foster media literacy in all of its aspects. The MJI cooperates closely with other organizations in the field of media literacy, first of all with

The MJI offers free-of-charge events, workshops, seminars and advisory service. Supporting handouts, information material and seminar papers are available for participants and disseminators.


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