Funding youth training and mobility: ERASMUS+: YOUTH IN ACTION


The European Union co-funding programme ERASMUS+ provides approx. 1,4 billion Euros for training and mobility projects of pupils, apprentices, students, teachers, trainers and professors. In the strand ERASMUS+: YOUTH IN ACTION young people, youth groups and youth organizations are invited to realise their own project ideas by making use of the funding mechanisms.

In bringing the programme to the users, the Federal Ministry of Families and Youth acts as a partner of the European Commission. The daily business of programme information, the handling of project applications and project contracts is carried out by the Austrian National Agency ERASMUS+: YOUTH IN ACTION. “Interkulturelles Zentrum”, an independent social profit organisation based in Vienna, was established as a National Agency after winning a European-wide public tender process. Besides acting as the National Agency, Interkulturelles Zentrum is aiming at the enhancement of intercultural relations both on national and international level by stimulating practical ways of communication between people of different cultural origin.

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